Kovarite Aluminium Bracket Canopy

Leading the pack of canopy providers in Nigeria, Kovarite is a professional and dedicated firm that offers a premium range of aluminium bracket canopy. Designed to impart style to your property, these canopies are made out of premium-quality aluminium. For commercial, residential and industrial purposes, these are excellent canopy solutions you need to pick.

Ergonomic Design and Superior Quality

The Kovarite Aluminium Bracket Canopy is fabricated using superior-quality, imported aluminium coils. They are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Ergonomically designed, the Aluminium Bracket Canopy offers a stylish and modish look to the homes. Also, their futuristic design makes it convenient for the user to relocate and re-install these.

Zero Wear & Tear

At Kovarite, we make sure that you get a top-notch and ease-to-use product. We have taken special measures to craft these aluminium canopies in a way that they have no joints. Zero damage, deformity, and rain leakage; are some special highlights of this product that we have to offer.


The Kovarite Aluminium Bracket Canopy can be used for any possible purpose on earth. You can use it for bicycle storage sheds, bus stops, garbage bins, fences, benches, passageways, patios etc. If you plan on using these at home, adding a lamp could make your doorway look beautiful.

Special Highlights!

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Light-weight and resilient
  • Zero water leakage

For more details, related to our Aluminium Bracket Canopy, get in touch with us today. Make these affordable and stylish canopies yours today!