Easy Installation
Kovarite Bracket Canopy are constructed in a method of putting polycarbonate sheet on specially designed brackets, Kovarite Canopy can be installed up to 98 feet high using a single roof. Kovarite Canopy is capable for reinstallation and relocation making it extremely economical and efficient. The color of polycarbonate board can also be changed accordingly with the surrounding environment.

No Welding
Kovarite Canopy has no joints. There is almost no damage, deformity, and worry of rain leakage. The shrinking-swelling, deflection phenomenon by sunlight or damage of polycarbonate has been solved as a result of a simple and practical bracket design.

Wide Application
You can use your own designed logo or trademark on brackets. Kovarite door canopy and arched brackets have a wide range of applications. They are available for bus stops, bicycle storage sheds, passageways, separate garbage collection bins, players’ benches, fences and more. The simple and refined design can recycle rainwater. It can also combine with LED lamps for lighting and can be installed on solar cells on roofs while using solar batteries for power.

  • Easy installation. Single person can install easy.
  • Not breakable with hammer, very light weight & strong
  • No water leakage between brackets & brackets

We have 3 different categories of Kovarite Canopy Awning


PVC Canopy

Engineered PVC, which is UV stabilised

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Aluminium Canopy

Made of Aluminium

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Stainless Steel Canopy

Made of Stainless Steel, resistant to stains or discoloration.

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