Kovarite Aluminium Bracket Canopy

Offering you the best overhead roofs for your homes, Kovarite is one of the finest pit stop where you can avail a wide range of canopies made out of supreme quality PVC. Engineered to offer ultimate protection to your home, these canopies are just the right things you need to buy, if you are constructing a brand new house in Nigeria.

Superior-Quality and UV Stabilized

The Kovarite PVC Canopy is one of the finest canopies that you can use for your home. Kovarite has a track record of offering excellent quality products. Their PVC canopy is made from a high-quality material. Also, these are UV stabilized canopies, so harmful rays of the sun will not cause any damage to the walls and to the canopy itself.

Sophisticated Design

These special PVC canopies have a sophisticated design so they can match almost every exterior. Whether for commercial, industrial or residential use, these canopies can impart a stylish look your property. No extra joints and bolts are required to install it. Also, relocation and re-installation will be an absolute breeze for you.


The Kovarite PVC Canopy is one of best selling products that Kovarite has ever product into existence. You can use these for benches and swings in the parks, garages, doorways, patios, lawns etc.

Special Highlights!

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-re-install and relocate
  • UV Stabilized

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